Advanced study (50 HR): Core Flow with Marlene Henny | De Nieuwe Yogaschool

datum: vrijdag 31 maart 2017

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Advanced study 50 HR  Core Flow with Marlene Henny | De Nieuwe Yogaschool

Join Marlene Henny, creator of Core Flow Yoga (CFY), in her Vinyasa based Core Flow Advanced Study for teachers. Boost your classes and grow further as a yoga teacher with new insight. This training is for already certified yoga teachers who are teaching, or are at the beginning of teaching, public classes and/or have a two year dynamic ongoing yoga practice already.

This study combines core anatomy knowledge entailing creative, powerful, fun and dynamic CFY practices, non-linear movements through interesting transitions, core principles and core waves. Empower, rock, connect and transform yourself, your students and your practice inside and out. Get more energy and self-clarity, applying what you learned in your training immediately, for professional as well as personal development.

The teachings offered
Discover new realms to bring it on to the next level: be different, yet knowledgeable, creative and teach classes that are more fun and out of the ordinary, teaching them from a personal place. Take your teaching to the next level in just a short time together. The advanced study covers 6 days, 42 contact hours and 8 hours of homework in which you will:

* Receive fifty hours of content;

* Improve your knowledge of core anatomy and core alignment in yoga classes;

* Know how to instruct core signature poses in a way students feel more, connect more and get better results in their practice;

* Be able to add as well as creatively and intelligently apply core signature poses, teach the core waves, core transitions and core breath and powerful language in support of your teaching;

* At the end of this training you are centered, inspired and empowered to skillfully guide others into the landscape of their bodies, minds and hearts and teach in a powerful, uplifting and joyful way.

Training highlights
* Core Anatomy
Aspects of the core seen from a broader point of view and the four most important cores.

* How to physically move into core alignment and the anatomy of flow
The order of teaching any pose in CFY, how to meet the earth and teaching from the earth: foundation, core and expression.

* The Core Flow Vinyasa Yoga Postures
Signature CFY poses.

* The Core Flow Cues
Powerful language to support your teaching.

* Core Flow yoga practices
* A Core Flow signature playlist by Marlene (not from heaven but straight from the jungle) to rock your classes. Schedule

Friday 14.30 - 21.30 hr
Saturday 12.00 - 19.00 hr
Sunday 12.00 - 19.00 hr

Dates: 31 March-2 April and 21-23 April 2017


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