Lecture: The Hidden History of Gold | Alchemist Garden

datum: dinsdag 25 juli 2017

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Lecture  The Hidden History of Gold | Alchemist Garden

In this lecture Steven de Koenigswarter, Founder & Managing Director of The Health Factory, gives a fascinating talk on ancient knowledge, longevity and life.

Our most ancient civilization, the Sumerians, wrote their history more than 5000 years ago, which shows much similarities with the bible. In fact, the old testament looks like a distilled version of that writing. In it, they speak of people who lived 10 of thousands of years. Abraham and Moses were reported to have lived more than 900 years each. Is there any truth to this?

What is the connection to gold? Why did gold become valuable in the first place? Did alchemists make gold for health issues?

The history we have been taught in our schools is a bed time story for children when it’s compared to the version of events reported to us by the Sumerians. In this lecture, Steven attempts to bring together ancient history and modern science to shed some light on the plight of modern man who is plagued by diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Even the doctors say, physiologically we should be living to 120 years.

What happened?

Steven went from being a photographer whose eyesight was threatened by illness to healing himself with the same natural element he had worked with every day as a photographer - SILVER. Steven will share how he started a journey leading him to rediscover why, at the very beginning of human history, the ancient's originally valued gold and other noble metals.

He will delve into ancient history on this planet and what the ancicent's used precious metals for and how this relates to our current times.

Knowledge is power and this is vital information that all natural health practitioners & professionals should know, as well as anyone interested in their own health.

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