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Pllek | Brazilian Beatroots // Roda da Holanda & Friends | pllek

Pllek | Brazilian Beatroots // Roda da Holanda & Friends | pllek

!!! Change of plans! Due to unforeseen circumstances this party will take place at Pllek instead of Oedipus !!!
- - -

Imagine a warm summer night in Rio de Janeiro. You are walking down a street when suddenly you hear the drums. You walk around the corner and there you see a group of musicians, they are sitting around a table, playing samba, laughing and sharing an ice-cold cerveja. People around them are dancing, men, women, young, old, everybody is welcome. They sing along with the songs and they clap their hands. Salve o Samba!! We're celebrating Brazilian music with musicians from all over the globe with Roda da Holanda.

Drink, Dine and Dance!

20:00 Forest of Heroes
22:30 Roda da Holanda (LIVE)
00:00 DJ Graham B

NB: Tables will gradually be removed after 22:00. Make sure to make a reservation for dinner!


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