Shelter; Northern Electronics with Abdulla Rashim, Evigt Mörker | Shelter Amsterdam

datum: vrijdag 18 augustus 2017

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Shelter  Northern Electronics with Abdulla Rashim Evigt Mörker | Shelter Amsterdam

friday 18/08

tickets available in presale and at the door

line up
Anthony Linell / Abdulla Rashim (Northern Electronics)
Evigt Mörker (Northern Electronics)
Kancheli (BASSIANI)
Mirella Kroes (Motiv)

A blend of immersive, deep storytelling and powerful, upfront techno this saturday with Northern Electronics. Representing the Swedish imprint are its founder Abdulla Rashim and Evigt Mörker, who will be appearing with Shelter regular Mirella Kroes and the no-holds-barred Bassiani, Georgia resident Kancheli.

artwork by Liviu Bulea

presale: €16
doorsale: €16


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